My wife has an ML63 AMG first registered in November 2014. It's black with the performance pack and has just about every extra that can fitted to the car. The condition is 'as new'. No chips, scratches or marks of any kind with perfect wheels and under 14,000 miles (basically it's a weekend toy). Last serviced by MB in December 2016 and full MB warranty until late November 2017.

She wants the 'all new' AMG 4x4 (600+bhp) that will be launched very late 2017/early 2018. The MB main agent we bought it from says that the ML's are much easier to sell in the winter.

So, our dilemma is, do we sell it now while it still has 10 months of warranty left on it or, do we keep hold of it for another 12 months and risk the drop in resale because a) the new model 4x4 is launched and b) the car will no longer have a MB warranty?

Does anyone have any experience of selling an AMG out of warranty and wished that they have sold it earlier? Or, does it not really make that much difference whether it has the original warranty or not?

All opinions welcome!