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Thread: 308 Leather re-fresh

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    Default 308 Leather re-fresh

    The leather in my 1983 308 GTS QV had been 'painted' with some kind of paint and looked crap so I have now sent it into local company Classic Car Lab for sorting.
    The car went in on Monday and I have today seen the car to view a sample and to agree the shade. Although I am not fond of the interior colour I want it to be as original as possible.
    Here are some pics of the before. Others to follow in due course.
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    Look forward to seeing the after shots, David. I Agree, cream (if that's what it is .... just kidding) is a nightmare to keep clean. Love the way my interior looks but I regret not having it changed to black or tan when I had the car retrimmed.

    One peice of advice is to ensure they give you a bottle of the same dye used afterwards so you can use it to 'touch up' if you get marks later on. When I got my car retrimmed I kept some offcuts of the leather and sent one straight away to get a bottle of matching Liquid Leather made up. It's perfect in terms of both colour and sheen so any marks I cover really are invisible.

    If the dye they use is a faff to use (some have separate sealants) then I can recommend Liquid Leather Scuff-master (think that's the right name) as a convenient alternative. If you want to go down this route, when they have the seats out to re-dye I'd get them to snip a piece of leather off from underneath and treat it the same as the rest of the seats. You can then send this off so the guys who make Liquid Leather can exactly match a bottle of dye for you. Just be easier to do it now than at a later date

    Edit: These are the guys I used and the dye is an absolute perfect match
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