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    Default Morgans

    Anybody on here ever had a Morgan ??? .....I'm not thinking about an Aero, but rather a plus 4

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    Not had one myself but many years ago I did some work for a customer/ friend on his plus 8.
    It was very basic, harsh suspension but fun. He used to sprint this car but with the V8, the axle was let's say lively. We replaced the lever shocks with telescopics and several links to improve axle location.
    This transformed the ride and handling, so well worth considering if you buy a car with the old setup.
    Not sure about the newer ones but probably still a car you can tinker with if you feel the need.
    His car was immaculate and probably over serviced but he never had much trouble with it.

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    I went out last year to Williams Automobiles near me, to just have a look.

    Lovely garage, nice selection of cars and are really friendly and knowledgeable bunch of guys.

    I was talked through the range, and very reluctantly talked into test driving an Aero 8 (Mk3 I think), despite me saying I wasn't going to buy it! What a car, V8 with side pipes!!! Really really enjoyed it, ride was amazing comfortable for the roads, yet still firm. I just could not quite reconcile the driving position, the steering wheel is very close for my liking, and some aspects still have a kit car feel. Taking it out certainly gave you a sense of occasion and a lot of thumbs up from people, even the cyclists I passed, and could resist "blipping" the throttle as we did so! Opps!!

    As to the other Morgan's, whilst lovely, I'm just not old enough to own one...yet!!! but if I ever do, it would have to be one of the V8s! Chatted to a guy with a white one, with fat chrome wire wheels; looked cool. There was an article in a recent classic car mag, cant remember which recently on the V8, saying how good value they are at the moment.

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