63,000 miles done

Just went in for its first major major service that costs more than the regular 335i (Special transmission check and oil replacement along with battery health diagnostic)
Note: the transmission area is where all the hybrid stuff is in this model.
Absolutely zero issues in 64711 miles and the battery still charges to 100% and performs the same as it always has.
Battery warranty is 6 years from first registration so I am on my own with it now as that is the age of the vehicle.
Service report notes battery in virtually as-new condition.

At work we are starting to see the first signals of graphene hitting the hybrid / battery / mix but also the shift is clear we haven't made a single show car for any maker for 2 years now that isn't either hybrid or full EV and the exit from diesel will be even more rapid than expected.

Shame BMW dropped the performance hybrid configuration (for now) but it will likely come back at the M level product. Any organisation still doing company cars are likely all plug-in / Econo models now.