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Get out and use it...its looking far far to clean (impressed by yours and embarrassed by mine!)

There are roads to be drive and fossil fuels to be consumed; they wont last forever apparently
Taking your advice Adrian I did!

Sod the bathroom project, the weather was too good today

Iíd measured just about 3 litres of trans oil came out, so I added 3 quart bottles of Redline and at this point no friction modifier.
I didnít blow the oil from the cooler so there was probably a bit left in. From memory, the capacity is 3.4 litres.

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On the dip stick after about an hour it was on the full mark.

I then thought Iíd bleed the brakes which is fairly easy providing you bleed the master cylinder (if the system has emptied).
To do this you need to remove the Ď£100 membraneí but I managed to slice the glue back in the top left corner with a scalpel to access the two bleed nipples without tearing it.

I ended up flushing a couple of litres through the callipers and then knocked the waste fluid container over

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Twenty three quids worth of road tax later Iíve been out for a drive (without the underfloor fitted so kept the speed down).

Wow what a difference at the front. Really tight, no noises and drives like a new one [emoji106].

The changes feel much smoother particularly when warm so my first impression of the redline oil is positive.
When I have the 430 wheels and spacers on the car in 2012 the diff did chatter on tight manoeuvres. There no sign of chatter at the moment but Iíll just add some friction modifier if required.
My thought is I wonít see an issue until maybe Iíve done 3 or 4 changes with the NS and itís completely flushed the old oil out.