No progress this week apart from stripping the air box and a few other trims off.....

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I just need to give it a really good clean off but the weather isnít playing ATM.
Apart from Iíve covered earlier Iíve not found much that needs too much attention.
The gearbox mount seems to be fine with no sag.

I found another actuator on eBay showing the sensor (and sensor shaft removed).

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Voicey helpfully send me some pics also of a 430 style one showing the seal that fails and allows trans oil into the sensors.
I think to get to this Iíd need to remove and strip the actuator (or send for rebuilding) and Iím reluctant to do this at the point as it all works so well and leakage values are very low.
Iíll keep researching and thinking about it......

Only other question.....
Has anyone any top tips (other than penetrating oil) for getting the fasteners out that fasten the grilles to the rear bumper. Iíd like to get them powder coated but there are a lot of fasteners and they all seem pretty solid and screwed into GRP? I certainly donít want to shear them.

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