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Thread: F430 Standard Exhaust and Headers

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    Default F430 Standard Exhaust and Headers

    I've swapped out these off my F1 Spider. Roughly 22,000 miles. The exhausts are stock with Hill Engineering Stainless Steel polished tips (removable) and the headers are the Ferrari upgraded ones as far as I am aware (pretty sure but am checking as the car is in storage).

    What are these worth and is anyone interested in buying these parts? Offer by PM please. All parts in UK and can be collected from Birmingham area. Postage possible but a pain!


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    Usually all over eBay due to their design weakness which is well known and thus avoided. Suggest you have them leak tested (smoke) so any buyer can have peace of mind and confirm they are the later type by part number. If not they are just going to sit around as too many of the ones for sale have failed.

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