Kline Inconel Button

I bought this from another CS member - Tackleberry but never had it fitted to my car and now I have sports exhausts and headers so no need for this.
This is the original advert that was posted and I have kept it as is so you can see what he had to say about it.

This is an Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller.
As supplied there was little in the way of instruction, and actually not usable for the car it was intended for (only had facility to operate one valve !).

So I carried out some modifications so that it could be used on the F430, or indeed any Ferrari using two Bypass Valve Solenoids.

Modifications include:

Second wiring harness (now one for each side).
Fully integrated power harness. No guessing where to find a switched live, just plug it in.
Prepared earthing lead.
Fully sealed and weather proofed.
Additional fitting instruction written by myself to make installation much clearer.Name:  IMG_7582.jpg
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Operation is by remote control.
There is nicely machined remote switch that inserts into the cars Cigar Lighter.
It is from here it takes it's power thus not requiring any batteries.

You simply push the button to open the valves, or again to return the system to car control.

This setup has been fitted to the car and tested.

Price 160 which is what I think I paid. Incl. postage to UK. Outside UK possible by discussion. PM me.