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Thread: Ferrari F8 Tributo

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    Quote Originally Posted by A348W View Post
    Guess you have to see it in the flesh; but for a launch colour that silver looks a bit...bland.

    There is a lot going on on the front there! I wonder if we will get back to clean lines sometime after 2021 (whatever the date) with the new F1 rules and the desire for infinitesimally small aero twiddles goes away?

    (Is that your little mini in the background? Did they let you in the showroom ok )
    It was, well spotted. They wanted me to part-ex it but I turned them down understandably

    Yeh, dont know who would have chosen the spec for the UK press car.

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    At least they were happy to chat!

    I went into landsdown Mazda the other day. I was the only customer in the showroom. Thought Iíd check out the mx5 as a possible new daily as I thought a BBR kitted one could be fun. Kicked the tires, read the spec, had a sit in it and fiddled with all the buttons, got bored and left! Nobody came over to see what I was doing/wanted! Was too small for me, but even still if it wasnít I was potentially willing to be talked into one of the second hand ones. If thatís their idea of customer service Iíd not want to deal with them if I had a problem. Actually had similar at an Audi dealer some years ago. That was their lose as 2 hours later we had bought a Mercedes!!

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