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Thread: Monaco Historique Grand Prix 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by G Red View Post
    Provisionally booked for 2021. Obviously slim chance with covid but we have to have things to look forward to.

    Apartment booked with underground parking. Free cancellation.
    Have casino grandstand booked for Saturday (lunch on the cafe de Paris was possible walk in previously as less busy than race day). Grandstand L Sunday to view pits and the exit from swimming pool.

    Will probably use K and roam around on Thursday. K has a great view but been in there for the race before.

    Option is Italian lakes then Austria/Germany (depending on mountain routes as itís only late April) afterwards or Burgundy depending what/where is open.

    Social distancing will be maintained by travelling in a ferrari rather than a stinky germ ridden plane. Chemical suits ready for the grandstands.

    All plans subject to change.
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    Ahh if only this had occurred in 2020!!

    Similarly to you ,tickets booked for 2021 and apartment with garage booked in Monaco. I've not booked anything else yet.

    Whilst the AMC came out yesterday to confirm this was going ahead this year, we will have to see if it actually is and if so, if we want to go! If it does run and we don't go, I'll loose a few hundred, its money long gone from the account so nothing to cry over! (Where/ how does one get a covid test in Monaco/France 72 hrs before coming back to the uk?)

    At least this time around I'm prepped with a LHD toy and fully psyched up for it all to be cancelled! (Where is the emoji for gritted teeth!)

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    Same here. Only the seat tickets are paid for but will be refunded if the event does not allow spectators.

    I have not looked into the testing much as things will change before the event. but a quick google says there are options in france. If travel opens up then companies will want to make a euro or two offering the tests as always.

    We have fully complied with the Lockdowns etc, if travel is allowed itís just more things to add to the pre-trip planning.

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