After the trials of having to change venue twice in 2 years the 2019 Supercar Event will be on Saturday 1st June at Goodwood.

We are very pleased to have secured this Iconic venue for the next two years at least. In 2019 it will be a one day event, but in 2020 we will be back to a 2 days event, although it will be on a Friday / Saturday.

I know Pete has already done the drivers list, but there will be an space available for a Club Scud static display area - if there is enough interest - please post below if you want to do this so we can gauge the level of interest.

Also if anyone wants to volunteer to help in the pit area please send me a PM

The Trust and The Committee are always very grateful for the support we receive from Club Scuderia. If you haven't been to the event do come along and see what it is about.