Update to parts ordered from Eurospares:
Heat shield is not available so Iíve tried the main dealer, apparently they can get a couple, we will see.
No sign of the other parts from Eurospares so I may have to be driving to the south of France before all the new stuff is fitted, gulp!
Iíve also had to buy a new battery as the display shows up an ASR warning if it hasnít been plugged into the CTEK for a day or two. The research I did shows it takes a 096 battery, but not all fit.
Originally from Halfords for £100.80 with the trade card I got a Yuasa 5000 with a 5 year warranty, pretty good I thought but it didnít fit, couldnít quite get the bar over the top, combination of the ledge being too high and or it being slightly too deep. So I got from Tanya batteries a AGM YBX 9096 for £130 delivered with a 4 year warranty, it fits perfectly and it has exactly the same current and cold crank amps as the OEM battery.
I know people swear about the Oddessy batteries with their compact lightweight design but I couldnít figure out which one would fit the bill.
Iíll try and get a couple of photos.
Cheers, Giles