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Thread: Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

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    And a thank you to Giles for the info. Mike, you know that question came from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike01606 View Post
    This is a great help as many will be getting tired and no doubt yours has been thoroughly tested since installation [emoji106]
    I just flogged my old compressor on eBay for ~£80.... would have been a good base unit or exchange.
    agree - supporting these services direct is the best way without the hand-offs between dealer and subcontractor. A one-one transaction is always better too.

    The forum could have them added to preferred supplier list....

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    Something that get spoken about with old 360’s, especially in hot climates is the screen demist vents and the tendency for them to pop out of the fascia. While I was in France last year my drivers side popped out and then would rattle against the windscreen.
    There doesn’t seem to be a fix for this without taking the fascia out and sorting out the leather shrinkage which causes it.
    My solution is to use the clear gel type number plate adhesive. It just holds the vent finisher still, problem solved, or solved sufficiently!
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    The leather on the fascia can also shrink to the point that leather pulls up against the HeVAC UV sensor, mine is just lightly pulling against it but I’ve seen much worse, nothing required just yet!
    Cheers, Giles

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