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Thread: Gilesí 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

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    Quote Originally Posted by giles View Post
    Patina is ok, being concourse is not part of the certification.
    Exhaust needs to be original as do all parts. For example I have some silicon hoses when my originals let go, they would have to be replaced with standard OEM items.
    Cost is about £10k for the Premium Programme which replaces many parts that are known to fail over time but are not part of scheduled servicing. But if you do this you can get the Classiche Certification for £1k instead of £6k.
    The risk I see is if the main dealer insist that many other parts are changed upping the overall cost.
    If it was Ďjustí(!) £10k then it sounds good, you would get a more dependable car plus possibly add some value to the car.
    Having said all that there may be a much more cost effective alternative to this scheme, one which Iím in conversation with at the moment.
    By the way not sure when my local dealer (Solihull) will get accreditation to the Classiche Scheme but itís likely to be in 2021 at some point.
    Cheers, Giles
    £6k for classiche You need to shop around; they are taking the piss with you. But then there is poetry there for driving so far during lockdown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giles View Post
    What you are describing is what the premium programme is, itís making the car more reliable by changing many of the perishable components like hoses and other rubber components. The Classiche part is closer to vanity although many parts have been up-suffixed to essentially upgrade some known weak components (well thatís what they told me).
    This is what they would change on the Starter Kit, system 1 of 4 systems to be updated with fresh components....
    [start quote]
    Starter kit Ė Parts and Labour £1,800.30 (after a £1,200 discount applied up until end of March)

    Pipe from multifuntional valve to disareator

    Pipe from filter to multifuntional valve

    Pipe from filter to front valve

    Pipe from filter to rear valve

    Pipe to engine l.h. Side

    Pipe to engine r.h. Side

    Tubo flessibile freni
    [Donít know what this is!]
    Tubo flessibile freni



    L.h. Complete fuel pump and fuel level indicator control -for oval section float

    R.h. Complete fuel pump

    Gasket injector


    R.h. Valve with pipe

    Complete l.h. Float valve

    L.h. Valve with pipe

    Complete r.h. Float valve

    Union-tank connecting pipe

    Bellows replacement kit

    [end quote]
    Makes more sense if thatís what it is.

    I already get this service from Stratstone as they always advise me if there is an upgraded part available for either car. As with other posters I have upgraded parts like hill engineering ball joints, tie rods etc. That will be staying on. Definitely a step in the right direction given the increasing legacy fleet mileage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A348W View Post
    £6k for classiche You need to shop around; they are taking the piss with you
    £6k is only if you don’t do the premium programme. If you do then the Classiche accreditation is £1k.
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