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Thread: 348 LHD to RHD conversion

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    Default 348 LHD to RHD conversion

    Hi all

    I have a 348 Ferrari that I want to convert from LHD to RHD.

    Now I know all the arguments against this as it is often said that it is cheaper to sell the LHD car and buy a RHD one but my car is in Pakistan, it is the ONLY 348 in Pakistan! It is now almost impossible to import another Ferrari in Pakistan so I have to stick to this one and do the necessary...

    So putting aside the madness of doing this, I need you 348 gurus to help me identify all the parts that I will need to do this. Below is my initial list:-

    I. Dashboard
    2. Steering rack
    3. Steering column (if this is different?)
    4. Clutch and brake petal box (if this is different?)
    5. Accelerator pedal (if this is different?)
    6. Accelerator cable (if this is different?)
    7. Handbrake lever console
    8. Handbrake lever
    9. Wiper linkage
    10. Wiper arms
    11. Wiper motor (if this is different?)
    12. Heater box (if this is different?)
    13. Door mirrors
    14. Door card buttons

    Apart from this what else will need to be done? Will the fuse box in the passenger footwell have to be relocated?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Not a 348 guru but gear shift is in a different place, not just the pedal box but cables are all routed differently and I’d say that the fuse box would need to be moved. I’m guessing there’s more though. I’d suggest it’s not a simple job and I’d personally be quite tempted just to live with a LHD Ferrari. Your call though

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    Interesting move!

    The fuse box will have to be moved.
    - foot rest support;
    - dash wiring harness.

    Not sure about any of the steel work in that area, but I'd suspect some will need doing.

    Mirrors shouldn't need swapping, but you will need new door cards to take the mirror switches, and this needs new wiring harness.

    As said, this is going to be complicated and will cost a lot in parts, if you can get them.

    If you do it keep us posted, it will be "interesting".

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    Ferrari apparently did a conversion kit for the 355, wonder if there was a 348 product too?

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