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Thread: 458 front Lifter bleeding without DEIS?

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    Default 458 front Lifter bleeding without DEIS?


    I want to change the springs on my 458, however I have the Factory lifter, this is a hydraulic system, I have to disconnect the hydraulic lines that attach onto the shock to remove the shock, hence I will need to bleed the system when reassembled. the Workshop manual states to connect to the Ferrari DEiS system and perform NSV Bleeding. being a DIYer I don't have access to a factory diagnostic tool.

    So my question is: does anyone know if there is a way the hydraulic lifter system can be bled manually without use of the diagnostic tool, (there are bleed nipples so to actually bleed it will be easy) if there is a way to activate the pump? Obviously I could try having the bleed nipples open and just press the lifter button and see if it pumps fluid out of the nipple, however I've no idea if the electronics will recognise a fault because the car wont be moving and hence shut down the lifter function. I'm assuming if there was a way to run the pump with the bleed nipples open that would bleed the system, but would the electronics automatically reset afterwards and not go crazy and throw all sorts of faults and codes that could land me in more trouble...

    Any idea/thoughts welcome


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