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Thread: Haynes Motor Museum 2020 Breakfast Meets

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    Default Haynes Motor Museum 2020 Breakfast Meets

    As we approach another driving season, John Coventry has kindly put together another set of dates for informal Ferrari meet up at Haynes Motor Museum.

    South West Ferrari Breakfast Club 2020

    If you came along last year, you know the form. If not, then this is something for Ferrari owners in the South West who enjoy a convivial chat with other Ferrari owners over breakfast. It is a regular event, but an informal one: turn up if you feel like it on the day, no prior commitment required.

    It is an opportunity to take your Ferrari – any model, any age - out for a drive early on a Sunday morning when there is not so much traffic around, meet up with other Ferrari owners and have a chat over breakfast or a cup of coffee, pick up the Sunday papers, and get home in time for lunch.

    So please tell all your Ferrari-owning friends in the South West and encourage them to come along some time - this is not a Ferrari Owners’ Club event, so any Ferrari owner is welcome, FOC member or not.

    Please note: due to changes in Haynes’ events diary, this will no longer be on the second Sunday of the month, but the last one instead, except for the first meeting, which will be a week ahead of schedule so as not to conflict with the Goodwood Members’ Meeting.

    The dates are:
    Sunday 22nd. March
    Sunday 26th. April
    Sunday 31st. May
    Sunday 28th. June
    Sunday 26th. July
    Sunday 30th. August
    Sunday 27th. September
    Sunday 25th. October

    Time: 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. - the cafe is open for hot drinks from 9.00, food from 9.30, and they make a mean breakfast!

    Venue: Haynes International Motor Museum Easy to find, large car park and excellent café, as well as a great car museum. There is no obligation to pay up for entry to the museum in order to use the café, but if you have never visited it before, it really is very much worth a look and excellent value for money - go to admission prices.

    Location: Post code / Google maps - BA22 7LH

    Please note: I do not have a mailing list, so I am reliant on others passing this flyer on – please help by sending this flyer to anyone you know who might be interested. Thankyou. Nor can I send reminders, or answer queries about who is coming each month: the best way to do this is via the Club Scuderia forum, or the UK section of the Ferrarichat forum – both are free to join.

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    Thanks Adrian, will try to get along to some of these this Year

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