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Thread: Ferrari 575 Model Year changes? What to look for?

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    Default Ferrari 575 Model Year changes? What to look for?

    Hi everyone, looking for some help & advice here. Does anyone know what/if any were the updates done to it throughout production? For example was the F1 gearbox ever updated? 360 was improved in 2003 for example. If not are there any options to improve it? For example I know challenge stradale software can be put on a normal 360.
    I believe there was the following options, standard car, then a handiling pack was offered, then the GTC handling pack. Is that correct? How big a difference do the handling packs make?
    Is there anything else that is worth knowing?

    Thanks in advance

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    You definitely want one with the Fiorano handling pack although later cars (late 2004 on) had a number of the pack features as std. If you find one without the parts can be retrofitted if they can be found. Exhaust also changed in 2004, think the middle boxes were deleted and replaced with an x pipe, at this time there were a few very minor other tweaks inc.a rear 575m badge and slightly re-profiled boot/ rear bumper. I've heard the HGTC gearbox s/w can be applied to earlier models

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    I disagree completely about FHP after about 30000 miles without ! The myth began (probably) because the first test cars had an early suspension ECU which almost certainly no car you would be looking at today still retains

    One option is/was just to change the steering ECU for the FHP version but I went back mainly to have easier steering in London

    There's a wonderful chap called Taz at Ferrarichat who knows more than almost anyone about 575 so read & learn there

    He also has a changes sheet available which may have been updated since attached - very few apart from some sort of proportionality in the steering for about the final third of production
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    Get a manual...or a 550

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