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Thread: 550 wiper blade substitute for OEM

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    Pics of my passenger wiper - not brilliant pics but hopefully gives you an idea of how the wiper should attach

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    My 550 has always had an issue with the passenger side wiper not clearing through the full arc as there is a patch where the blade never touches. Never been able to sort it.
    As for blades I get them from Halfords or Amazon.
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    I think looking at the pictures I can see what is going on, so to speak.

    The wiper arm has the hook end; but unlike a lot of cars the hook faces away from the windscreen. Most cars it faces the windscreen and hence most wipers fit this.

    You can can see on Gordon’s that the wiper arm goes under the top bit of the wiper blade. Due to the profile of the wiper blade the arm just clears the wiper blade. Whereas on Paul’s the arm fowls the wiper arm due to the wiper arm profile. Whilst you can’t see all of the wiper blade; the profile looks different at the other side of the pivot point. Try swapping it around and see if it will clear.

    If that doesn’t work; take a file to the wiper blade where it fowls; it won’t miss a bit of metal!

    Alternatively I could be completely wrong and you’ll have to cough £150 for a wiper blade!!!!

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