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Thread: Ferrari 458 Spider - to warranty or not !

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    Default Ferrari 458 Spider - to warranty or not !


    I've just sold my rather lovely California T (2016) and am in the process of buying a 2014 458 Spider (2 owners, only 6500 miles). Obviously I'm really excited about the car !

    The car is a February 2014 delivery and as such I believe that it will be covered under the Ferrari 7 year service plan until February 2021. However, I am buying it on consignment and without any warranty from the private seller (for which I negotiated a healthy price discount).

    The question is - do I get a warranty from Ferrari (I believe that it is called New Power) or do I go and try and find an alternate to that ?

    My understanding is that New Power is fairly limited in nature, but covers the catastrophic damage to essentials such as the engine, transmission, roof etc - but it doesn't cover smaller ticket items such as oil leaks etc. I have got a quotation from Warranty Wise - but that is limited to a maximum of £10,000 per repair but possibly covers more than New Power ? It is also around £1800 per year compared to New Power which is £3,500 !

    So, in summary, it seems that I either pay £3,500 for the catastrophic cover that New Power provides or £1,800 for the more comprehensive but lower value cover from Warranty Wise ?

    Any advice please ?

    Does anyone know of any alternate warranty providers please ?


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    Also have a 2014 458. I chose not to far so good!

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    Default Warranty

    I have always had power warranty, my first 430 dropped a valve and
    Had to have a complete new engine at 13000 miles, Ferrari covered it at a cost of 48000 euro
    Was fitted at jct in Leeds
    So I have always paid now, it scared me!
    But your right my last 458 spider had power on it
    Had oil leak from gearbox, wasnít covered, then 2 shocks leaked, again not covered
    The bobins on discs corroded, not covered
    My 488 has just turned 4 so I chose the top 5th year extension (same as new car)
    So far itís had, engine light that was coil pack and plugs
    Mirror motor, roof lining sagged (Replaced) drivers door speaker replaced
    Now passenger one is distorted and horrendous noise from the interior fan motor (due to go back in)
    And hoping if anything like the leaks etc surface it will be before this extension finishes
    And power normal starts!
    I would pay it!
    I couldnít take the risk, but I do use my f cars, 488 is now on 21k
    Just back from nc 500 , highly recommended

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