I've just sold my rather lovely California T (2016) and am in the process of buying a 2014 458 Spider (2 owners, only 6500 miles). Obviously I'm really excited about the car !

The car is a February 2014 delivery and as such I believe that it will be covered under the Ferrari 7 year service plan until February 2021. However, I am buying it on consignment and without any warranty from the private seller (for which I negotiated a healthy price discount).

The question is - do I get a warranty from Ferrari (I believe that it is called New Power) or do I go and try and find an alternate to that ?

My understanding is that New Power is fairly limited in nature, but covers the catastrophic damage to essentials such as the engine, transmission, roof etc - but it doesn't cover smaller ticket items such as oil leaks etc. I have got a quotation from Warranty Wise - but that is limited to a maximum of 10,000 per repair but possibly covers more than New Power ? It is also around 1800 per year compared to New Power which is 3,500 !

So, in summary, it seems that I either pay 3,500 for the catastrophic cover that New Power provides or 1,800 for the more comprehensive but lower value cover from Warranty Wise ?

Any advice please ?

Does anyone know of any alternate warranty providers please ?