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Thread: 308 QV Marelli ignition system

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    Default 308 QV Marelli ignition system

    My 308QV has twin Magneti Marelli MED-803A ignition units part number 64834080 (Ferrari part no 118451) and one appears to be faulty.
    Now on checking neither Maranello Classic Parts Or Superformance have these instock and itís looking like these are hens teeth items so I may be left with choosing from:
    1. Buying used
    2. looking into having the item rebuilt, is this even an option?
    3. Changing the whole system for a modern equivalent (Superformance list such an item but itís not available, there is an American system called XDi)
    Any of you good folk with experience of this problem or knowledge of what may be my best path?
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    No knowledge of the problem, but if you haven't I would:
    - Call Maranello and chat to them. Even if a part is listed as unavailable, they do source 2nd hand parts. You might not like the price, but its an option;
    - Call around all the indies and see if anybody has one on a shelf somewhere or can advise (KHPC, cartwright, Walker, GTO, etc etc. Worth calling Superformance as well as they do have lots of "stuff"!)
    - If you haven't done so dig on FChat; somebody will have had the problem and found a fix of some description presumable.

    Good luck.

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