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Thread: Maranello Sales Egham Supplied 2010 Ferrari - do you have one?

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    Default Maranello Sales Egham Supplied 2010 Ferrari - do you have one?

    Hi Folks,
    Strange question I know but does anyone have a Maranello Sales Egham Surry Ferrari main dealer supplied Ferrari still wearing the original dealer supplied number plates from 2010?
    I would like to see how the number plate subscript was presented in 2010 so I can replicate that for my 2nd hand 2010 458 which was originally supplied by Maranello Sales.
    My 458 is currently wearing a pair of Tom Hartley Jnr plates but I would like to change for a replica of the original supplying dealer plates.
    I have requested for 2010 but it is likely that the 2011 and 2012 or later vehicles may also have the same dealer subscript so if you have something of that era still wearing dealer plates please get in touch.

    For your information the dealer number plate subscript now in 2020 just says ‘Maranello‘ with the postcode underneath.
    If you can help please let me know.
    Cheers, Giles

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    FYI, I have a 2016 plate also as you describe
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