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Thread: Bodyshop for full respray

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    Question Bodyshop for full respray

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone recommend a bodyshop for a full respray?

    I was a bit star-struck when I bought my 2016 Blue California T and only when I went to have it detailed did they show me all the blemishes on all the panels. Even worse, the front bumper has been resprayed and in the sun the colour match isn't great at all. The body itself is in perfect condition no damage, etc.

    I've decided to keep the car as I've spent a fair bit on mods already (HS Speciale exhaust tips, Larini De-cat pipes & X-pipe, Novitec lowering springs/spacers, OBD delete, autoroof module, etc...) so thought I'd just put the paint right and keep the car. I'm not sure the exact blue of my car (is there a way I can find out?)

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    I also wanted to change the blue slightly. I really love the Porsche gentian blue colour so would like to go with that. I'm also looking for an A1 job, i.e. sanding down between coats of clear, etc. I want it to look amazing. After the paint I'll have it ppf'd and ceramic coated (or hulu is it called?)

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    Any help appreciated,

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    Paint code should be on a sticker; Im guessing on the boot lid or hood.

    Be interested who you use.

    Just be careful if you change the colour; that will have a impact at resale time. Ferrari have a huge number of stunning blues; check out the various blue threads on fchat for inspiration. If you must change the colour a Ferrari one would have the least impact Id suggest.

    Good luck.

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    A trek for you but I'd take it to, they resprayed my 599 and the finish was exceptional

    Speak to Tim Denny

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