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Thread: Adrian's 355 musings

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    Brave? My hand was forced somewhat as it started giving a brief flash of the right hand bank slow down lamp followed immediately by a brief flash of the check engine lamp although the engine continued to perform without any apparent problem - rinse and repeat at varying intervals of time between 10 and 30 seconds. This took an age to diagnose as a voltage drop across the main fuse/relay board which resulted in all the extraneous additional wiring being removed which then fully uncovered the dire state of the board. Deep breath required followed by requirement for deep pockets!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allandwf View Post
    My 348 has 3 nineties immobilisers fitted, only the Cobra works. I want to get the lot ripped out too, but not as brave as you yet.
    I went down this route on my 348 when I had a very intermittent dead engine issue (only happened 2-3 times) and seemed to resolve itself after 5-10 minutes but very annoying. After lots of pondering and tinkering the only thing I could come up with was a doggy immobiliser. So not having done this before and generally hating electrics/ electronics (they cant "really" be fixed with a hammer ) I took the plunge and removed the immobiliser.

    Although done by an "approved installer" to say the wiring was amateur would be an understatement; it looked like I had done it! I reckon the issue was a doggy earth connection in the end. Still, 2 years on I've never had the problem re-occur (fingers crossed).

    As to the 355, whilst the black boxes have come out and the power and earth connections (I've found to date) removed the car still runs, the wiring is an order of magnitude more complicated than the immobiliser on the 348, so I've yet to decide what to do there with respect to leave it or remove it, we will see when the dash comes out and I can get a better look at it.

    The plus as far as I'm concerned, is that the insurance company doesn't seem bothered if the 348 or 355 have an alarm/ immobilise fitted or not, so one less thing to go wrong in my book. And if it does get nicked, I'm insured !

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