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Good point Francis regarding rust I'd forgotten to mention this - I understand the usual places around arches and doors are the places to check.

Is sorting the A/C an expensive job? Do you remember what the various issues were and what parts were required?

The so-called lack of performance isn't an issue for me, and like you I tend to think 270BHP, or whatever that has reduced to over time, is still spritely in this car. Also I don't have hyper performance with some of my cars which are all about the overall driving experience.

Initially the radiator fans weren't doing a good enough job. Maybe if I'd had them rebuilt it would have been OK but I decided to go the whole hog and replaced them with modern 13 inch Kenlowe 2 speed fans fed directly from the battery using the original circuitry just for switching relays. Non original but very efficient. Had the compressor converted to modern gas at minimal cost, just a couple of seals.

But the airflow through the vents was abysmal. Eventually after a couple of years, and water ingress into the passenger footwell, I identified that condensation from the evaporator was leaking into the footwell. Long and short QV discovered that the plastic tray assembly which collects the condensation, and also first the air to the vents, was in pieces. Luckily the had a complete fan/tray assembly in their used parts inventory and although it was not a cheap job for them to replace it I now have a real gale coming from the vents. There are three vents for the AC, the middle one on the dashboard and two small ones at knee level, which as Mark commented quite correctly, gives you a frozen knee.

But if you are going anywhere where the sun shines, as I have done to Italy and Spain espcially when heading south, with the sun shining onto teh greenhouse like front windscreen, you will appreciate the AC at whatever level it works.

Other places to check for rust. The floor above the exhaust box and the scuttle in front of the windscreen. Both known weak spots.