Sforza is pleased to announce you the last new creation of the Luxury Line, a desk lamp produced in limited edition of 499 units which celebrates the most exclusive car of the Maranello Prancing Horse, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

“La FerrLight” is born on the basis of the La Ferrari rearview mirror, faithfully reproduced with the carbon fiber material of the support as well as the aerodynamic shape of the mirror housing and the wing profile.

The desk lamp is being presented with the wing support lacquered clear gloss 90% and the mirror housing in Rosso Corsa paintwork.

On Customer request, the wing support can be supplied lacquered matt gloss 20% and the mirror housing in one of the following car paintwork:

  1. Rosso Scuderia - red
  2. Giallo Modena - yellow
  3. Bianco Avus - white
  4. Black - black

Lacquering in special paintwork available on request with surcharge after sample or paint code receival to be detected directly on the Customer car.

The desk lamp is equipped with a 5W led at modular intensity adjustable with the light- touch button, it has a lightning power of 400 lm, 5500 K colour, energetic class A+, certified CE with 5 year guarantee and can be powered through an usb cable to a computer or to a socket 220-240 v with the supplied power plug.

Retail Price list: EUR 1230,00 + VAT ( ex work)

ClubScuderia reserved discount 20%

Price reserved to ClubScuderia Members EUR 984,00 + VAT ( ex work)

For further informations you can contact us at :info@sforza.tech

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