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    Hi Guys,

    New owner on here and it has probably been done to death but if you could give some thoughts it would help I am looking for a rear system for my 360. The you tube videos never sound as good real life opinion would help me.

    Capristo Absoloutely crazy money and would probably be divorced.

    Tubi Eurospares are terrible for customer service but sell them very cheap or am I missing something.

    Nouvalari Never heard one but look nice.

    Quiksilver seem to do a nice system.

    Any other ideas??


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    Bump (as I missed approving this when it was posted - sorry)

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    The best/most liked option seems to be the racing exhaust option/360 CS system which can be replicated using a 430 system and some welding skills.... the 430 route may also be the most cost effective as the racing exhaust kits were dumped on the market by Ferrari and snapped up. They are hard to find for <3k now.
    Iíve spoken to one guy off here who removed his though as it was too antisocial...
    Tubis are supposed to boom at motorway cruising speeds as do many of the aftermarket systems so check that out...
    If youíre happy with the standard system, the white dust issue can be solved...

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    I had a Tubi on my 360 and personally I didn't find it boomy, but as Mike says some do. I think the issue is around the lower end of the rev range the Tubi has a bit of a deeper base tone. So I guess that's what people notice at motorway cruising. Drove twice to Italy in it and both me and Mrs didn't have any problems. Sounds great on full chat though

    360 CS is best probably, wasn't a fan of the 430 modded option as the one I saw fitted looked naff. In fact it was fitted to my 360 when I bought it but Tim Walker took it off, or was it on another car he had and he offered to put in on mine. I'm getting old. I do know I bought the Tubi from Fleabay for £1K

    There are always used systems coming up on various forums so I wouldn't rush to buy a new system.

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