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.......and must be a completely different experience to drive hard.
I think that experience would go something along the lines of great fun followed shortly afterwards by a letter landing on the door mat informing you that you no longer own a UK driving licence. There's no way you could drive this hard on a public road and be anything close to within the law.

Obviously on a track you could explore the performance more but then if you buy a car for the track would it be a Spider with all the 'mod cons' or would it be a stripped out light weight racer? Why not buy a 488 Spider for the road and with the £200k change go get something track focused for the track? A little like Simon I struggle to see the point any more.

Don't get me wrong, I do quite like it....... but then I quite like the 458/488 Spiders and there's nothing on this car in terms of performance advantage over a 458 or 488 that I could actually use. So, like I said, what's the point?