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Thread: New to you car photos

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    Very nice cars everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheels1 View Post
    Not a lot really, the gear changes were instant on the 812 and are just a bit slower on the F12, what I don't miss is the 812 nervousness, when going slowly on country roads it was very hard to keep in a straight line and wandered all over the place, the F12 is nowhere near as bad but I do have Michelin tyres on it. Also the bumpy mode ride quality is far better in the F12, in the 812 it was hard to tell much difference with it on.
    When I got back into the F12 after owning one in 2016 it was like putting on an old shoe and I felt very at home.
    The high pitched wail of the Capristo exhaust on the F12 is amazing.
    Over all the F12 is a great machine.
    you triggered my latest thread...

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