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Thread: Leather recolour?

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    Quote Originally Posted by francisn View Post
    Well my car is Blu Dino Metallizata and crema - so not that far from TDF!

    But most on the continent think we are nuts however nice it looks!
    Quote Originally Posted by A348W View Post
    Blue Chiaro and cream on the 348!

    If that’s insanity; I’m happy with it
    Yep, and both look great in it. As does a 246 I’ve seen in those colours, and a 456, and a 360, and ....... just seems to ‘work’ almost regardless of model. I actually think Rosso Corsa and Creama ‘works’ (as apparently do the vast majority of people) I just think some people have a hang up over it because it’s a bit samey. But then if something’s popular it will be.

    The fact that the top end of the 488 market is packed with red and cream cars kind of shoots down any argument that the whole market is hip and trendy and wants something different to everyone else. If they did people wouldn’t be ordering their new Ferraris in those colours.
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