In order to stop the forum being swamped with spam, in line with many other forums we have a system on CS whereby when new posters come along we have to approve their posts before they go 'live' on the forum and members can see them. Unfortunately for some time there's been a glitch which means many of those posts don't show up to moderators either resulting in a lot of new posts going unnoticed by us.

Simon, our admin, has just installed a small forum update which should now allow us to see them all which should have 2 effects - we shouldn't keep missing posts from new posters and you may well see posts from a while ago start to show up as 'new' as we work our way through posts that have remained undetected and we approve them.

If you're new to CS or have tried to be new to CS and your posts are only now being approved, apologies for that. Hopefully with the new update it won't happen again.