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Thread: AGM battery for 355

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    Default AGM battery for 355

    I have read mixed views on fitting an AGM battery to a standard charging system. Anyone any thoughts on this.

    Reason behind this is the performance and slightly higher voltage of an AGM might in part compensate for the torturous route between battery and solenoid.
    Bit of background. Rather than keep the car on a maintenance all the time which could mask a problem, I sometimes leave it off for a week or so especially in summer when it’s driven more.
    Did this recently and just got a click from the solenoid. Checking the battery voltage it was 50% charged but I know that’s only part of the story.
    Car started fine next day after being on the charger overnight.
    The battery is over 10 years old so I’ve had my moneys worth I suppose.

    I did have a similar problem many years ago and cleaning the solenoid solved the problem. I did notice then that the solenoid is almost as large as the starter and takes a good voltage to generate enough force to close the contacts properly. After cleaning the solenoid would close even with a poorly charged battery. However the starter was reconditioned 3 years ago so I’m not hopeful that this is the problem but will probably do it anyway for piece of mind.
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