Discounts, deals and offers, plus new kit...our December customer newsletter

We were delighted to provide our Soft Stretch covers to BMW Car Club GB for their display cars at the NEC Classic Motorshow last month. Right now, car covers are the hot ticket and our investment of many hours in creating a database of almost 4,000 cars allows you to find the many cover options for your car easily. This is currently only available on our other site. but will come to soon.
We’ve some heavy discounts on various brands, AirChambers due imminently, and some interesting new products to show you too.
Call us for 10% off Zymol products (Monday-Friday, 9-5).
Please read on, take care out there and have a Merry Christmas, and safe and prosperous New Year. For the last 18 years we have been able to say this to some of the same loyal customers, a particular pleasure. A big thank you for the support of ALL our customers since 2003.

Mark, Mo, Claire and Mel

Angelwax SALE – up to 40% OFF
Save big on preparation, washing and quick detailer products for shiny and matte paintwork. The brand is big on quality but we’re low on stock so buy now while you can.

Gyeon – ALL 20% OFF
CanCoat, Bathe, Tyre, Rim, Foam, Iron, Prep, Quick Detailer, WetCoat, Wheel Brush and more …Gyeons Top 20 best selling products at 20% off! 500ml, 1 litre and 4 litre sizes.

Bilt Hamber 15% OFF
Clay, AutoFoam, AutoBalm, AutoWheel, Korrosol – the best sellers at 15% off. Standard and 5L sizes in stock.
Race Glaze Oppm Water Filters as presents
Fancy one of these? Would save you drying your car in the freezing cold, no water spots, no drying towel marring, and time saved too. The best detailing product we offer. Why not suggest it to your present-giver?
7L unit (£104.99) typically rinses 1 car per week for a year, refills £45
14L unit for the busier car washer, 2-3 cars a week for a year, £189.99, refills £90.

Soft stretch Indoor Covers
A great shot above of these ever-popular covers, the BMW Car Clubs stand at the Classic Motorshow last month. They will cover pretty well every sports, saloon and collectible car look fabulous in its garage. 4 colours, 6 sizes, from £125. Fancy a logo on it? Easily done and no great delay either. Soft on the inside, very stretchy and a satin sheen on the outside. A great present too…

Need a top end, durable Outdoor Cover?
Our Waterproof & Breathable covers are the best outdoor cover we know – genuinely waterproof yet fully breathable, slightly stretchy and sizes for even the largest 4x4. Custom versions for Porsche 911 from 964, plus Cayman and Boxster. The best outdoor protection for your car, a true 4 seasons cover – as proven by our Norwegian customers!

We don’t call this a budget brand, just very well priced core detailing products. Not watered down or permanently on sale, 4Detailer was developed in Poland with detailing studios. It’s effective, easy to use, smells good and gives good results. Our MD used the SnowFoam all year and a quick wipe over with Ceramic Detailer adds a showcar sparkle. In 1L and 5L sizes. Prices from only £4.49 (PowerAPC), HummerIron (1L) £9.99.

Stabilant 22
A brilliant niche product for fixing dodgy electrical contacts and connections. Improves conductivity with a little dab, makes sure of repairs and niggling issues. Read what Practical Classics wrote after their test. Used by NATO for comms kit, perfect for electronics or hi-fi buffs, classic or modern cars.
Stabilant 22 is actually a liquid semiconductor that provides the effect of a soldered joint without having a physical bond.
Reveal and Launch Covers
We supply these peerless quality covers worldwide for dealer sales handovers, manufacturer product launches and home or studio storage. UK woven, dyed, cut and tailored, a dozen colours in 3 off the shelf sizes (plus motorcycle size), with custom commissions produced for buses, trains, statues, even sanitaryware launches! We add logos too.
We made stunning car covers were produced for the Mahindra Formula E 2022 car launch last month and a recent Maltese Range Rover launch.

Snow Tyre Socks
Just in case....if you're caught out in snow, a few minutes to apply these and you're back on your way. Well worth keeping in the boot.
Sizes 54, 58 and 70 only, to clear at only £30 per pair. A great stocking filler too...everyone should receive socks at Christmas!

Winter & Workshop Essentials – the surprises pages…
We stock and supply a bewildering range of esoteric products for vehicle care and maintenance. Oils, greases, wire wool, Honda Tape, Brake Cleaner, Shell Spirax, workshop lights – check out Aladdin's Cave here!

Exquisite jewellery
Libby Summers is a new marketplace for fresh ideas and inspiration for you, your home, and your loved ones. A unique and collated collection of design-led products mostly made by hand, always ethically sourced and presented for sale by talented and enterprising small businesses. Libby is excited to present a special new collection of contemporary solid sterling silver jewellery, with exquisite detailing, including semi-precious stones, hand finishes and gold plate. Please visit to view the full collection.
Discount code: JEWEL21 20% off Expires 22nd December 2021.
If you order from this separate website - Libby Summers, we will include that order with your Morethanpolish/carcovershop order and your jewellery postage will be refunded.

Flex SALE Offers
1 x Flex PE14-2 150w Rotary with Backing plate, was £399.99, offer £349.99
15 x Flex M14 125mm Backing Plate – was £23.95, now £17.95

Have a Merry Christmas, and safe and prosperous New Year.

Mark, Mo, Claire and Mel.
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