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Thread: Tracker vs Alarm/Immobilisers

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    Default Tracker vs Alarm/Immobilisers

    I recently discovered that my Vodafone Navtrak on my F430 was not required by the insurer. It's also an expensive annual fee (over 300).

    So I spoke to a local firm about a different tracker on the basis that the bad people know where the NavTraks are fitted.

    It was all going well - options etc - until he added that for 10 you could buy a GPS blocker and make the tracker useless even if it was well hidden.

    The discussion then moved to whether it was better to upgrade the alarm and immobiliser system which would be much more difficult to break. Pandora systems were suggested and I am now in a quandary as to whether to do anything.

    I'm probably putting the car on the market in Summer but thought that having a solid security set up might be a selling point on top of all the other usual stuff.

    Any thoughts welcome.

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    I’m not sure but I’d very much doubt anyone would buy a given car over another because of the tracker and/or immobiliser it has fitted or even if anyone would pay more for a car because of the security systems it had. Just don’t think it’s a selling point in the way spec, condition, colour, history, milage etc are. If you’re selling the car anyway I personally wouldn’t bother.

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    Id agree with Pete.

    Personally not having an alarm or immobiliser is a selling point for me. As far as im concerned they are nothing but trouble and if somebody wants your car, it will be gone. Id only have one if the insurance company insisted.

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    Yes, I wouldn't bother. I'm not saying Ferraris don't get stolen (witness the F355 crash last week) but I don't think they are as much of a target as a Golf R, BMW M135 etc - just too high profile; so if it makes no difference to the insurance then it's not worth it IMO

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    I'd suggest having the tracker actually installed in the car may be of benefit to the next owner but it shouldn't really be a selling feature. If it's installed, as it is in our California then fine, a small bonus. If not, the next owner can decide to fit one if necessary.

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