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Thread: Supercar Eventt 2022

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    Default Supercar Eventt 2022

    Club Scuderia have supported The Supercar Event since the early days when it started with members giving rides at the Children's Trust premises in Tadworth those many years ago. Many members have, and continue to give rides at the now much expanded event.

    Until now Club Scuderia have also made a good financial contribution to the event. However times change and with traffic on almost all forums dwindling Club Scuderia like most others is suffering from diminishing paid membership and more significantly - sponsorship.

    Although we have enough money in the bank to continue for some years yet the Comms have decided that we cannot sensibly continue to make charitable donations.

    Sad as that is, the organisers of the Supercar Event fully understand and are really appreciative of all the contributions Club Scuderia has made over the years, both in participation and also financially.

    I received this message from Malcolm Scopes, one of the organisers, which he asked me to pass on.

    "I just wanted to thank Club Scud for all the support over the years, could you please pass on the appreciation of the committee and all the team at the trust to the members for their help.

    We would of course welcome all members at the event and make space available for a static display at the event if there was sufficient interest."

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