Greetings Fellas,

We (Sticky RX) have acquired several hundred Ferrari (and a few Maserati) interior parts that are NOS (New Old Stock) and are sticky in boxes.

We have just received these a week ago and have a lot of work to do going thru them, inventorying, etc.

Many of the parts are for RHD cars as well (bezels, switches, etc).

Some items we will keep to use for reverse engineering and reproduction. Some rare items will be pulled ahead, refinished and offered for sale via our online store.

The full list of part numbers may be seen here:

We will offer full refinishing of these parts per order (That is, if you see a part you need, contact us for price which will include refinishing). However, as we will refinish to order, the turn around per item will be 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance.