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With bad news on inflation, and with other motoring costs rising exponentially, we’re focussing on saving you money with some great deals in this issue.

Add some new products for bodyshops, professional detailers, and some ‘Pro’ products now available to all. And of course reminders of hot selling favourites that thousands of customers already love.

Happy Summer Motoring

Mark, Claire, Mo, Mel and Becca

Ceramic Detailer – Awesome Beading and Gloss

Increasing numbers of cars are Ceramic Coated but need a pep up or quick once over at an event. This product is awesome – adds real brightness and outrageous beading. Spray on, wipe off the fine misted coating, lasts months weeks.

Well worth trying - from £12 (250ml), £19.99 (500ml).

9H Ceramic Wheel Protection

Well proven amongst professionals for over 3 years, now available to all, this easy DIY-application product provides years of protection from brake dust pitting, leaving wheels shinier for longer as brake dust cannot adhere. Washing is therefore easy.

One bottle easily does multiple sets of wheels. 50ml for £65.

4Detailer - Great Value Award Winning Range

After a resounding win for Crystal Glass in the recent AutoExpress Glass Cleaner Test, and almost sold out, we recommend you consider their other bulk products.

They’re all very effective, safe, and great value in 5 litre sizes.

I use the Snow Foam (£7.99 1L / £27.99 5L) and can vouch for the Hummer Iron purple wheel cleaner too – runner-up in the AutoExpress Product Awards recently (£9.99/£39.99).

Zymol Discounts

We’ve lowered prices on a raft of these great products – check them all out here now.

Concours Glaze: was £189.95, now £179.95

Ital Glaze (for Italian cars): was £149.95, now £135

Glas: was £19.50, now £14.95

Wheel Wax Coat: was £19.95, now £14.95

Trademark Zymol sponge: was £7.20, now £4.50

Atomic Graphene Shield: was £39.99, now £22.50

Metall brightwork polish: was £25, now £21

Seal for rubber: was £29.95, now £24.95

Vinyl Conditioner (Premium range): was £14, now £12

Vinyl Conditioner (white bottle): was £32.95, now £24.95

Angelwax - to clear at 35% OFF RRP!

35% off and very limited stock to clear!

Bilt Hamber Discounts

20% off and limited stock, to clear.

Check out the special value NEW PRODUCT - Double Speed Wax & Clay Bundles for extra savings.

CarSystem Sanding Blocks

The only UK outlet for these non-swelling P800 sanding blocks. Tactile shape, durable. £31.79 each.

Ceramic Blade

The ultimate de-nibbing block for bodyshops, stone chip repair and overspray. 8 sides of ultra-hard ceramic beat steel items like Mirka hands down.

Simply glide flat over the surface to remove defects and a minimal polish after.

Click Here To Claim Your Complimentary Copy Of Magneto – our specialist sister site

Our sister site has an ever expanding database to allow you to select your car with many quality fitted or ready to wear car cover options. We supply dealers, collectors, classic, modern and supercar owners and manufacturers worldwide.

Water Filters - Do You Have Yours Yet?

It's Summer – water spot creation time. If you simply hate running round to dry your car before they form, or you just can’t reach the roof, suffer with mobility or want to absolutely minimise drying marring, this is the best product you will ever buy.

7L size for the typical home user rinsing 1 car a week (£105), 14L is best economy for multiple car washers (£195), 25L for professionals.

Refills and accessories available for an instant start. Top rated product by hundreds of buyers.

Dealership Handover / Reveal Covers

We ship these worldwide almost every day, many to repeat customers who love the fabric quality, speed of service and total logo flexibility. We’ve made custom ones for statues and all manner of items, and stock 3 sizes for cars in up to 12 colours.

Enhance your sale, keep stored cars dust-free, make your launch go with a gasp!

UK woven, dyed and made fabric, totally recyclable, cut and machined in the East Midlands.

Waterproof & Breathable Covers

It may be ‘summer’ but why buy a 2 season cover when you can have a genuinely 4 season cover, which will also be usable indoors?

Totally waterproof stretchy neoprene fabric keeps EVERYTHING off your car, and as its breathable, it can go on a wet cabriolet too.

Special taller versions for SUVs/Crossovers plus various Porsche and Mercedes SL models too.

Wheel Woolies

We stock the best wheel cleaning system there is, 3 different options of these long, no-scratch (no metal parts) wheel brushes. The choice of the professionals.

Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra – does the business!

Many of the ‘purple’ wheel cleaners frankly stink of rotten eggs, but this one not only works brilliantly but is infused with Pineapple scent to effectively mask the aroma.

My personal choice for a few years, it won’t stain even if it dries and really shifts brake dust. £14.99 (1L), £69 (5L). Recommended by Richard Tipper, Perfection Valet.


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