Sorry, didn't mean to abandon this thread, but I'm back now and lets get something organised.

The way I see it, we have 2 routes to take:

1: Meet around Jct 6 on the M25 head clockwise and up either the M40 cutting across country or straight up the M1 to the destination (much more direct)

2: We can meet at Clackets Lane for all those coming up from south of the 25, head anti-clockwise to South Mimms to pick up the North boys & gals and then take the A1M or the M1. (this route also has the added advantage of a little tunnel run for us at the bargain price of 1 !!!)

What I need to find out is where we are coming from to see if there are going to be many at South Mimms to make the extra distance worthwhile.

So, in an orderly line please, where would yo be setting off from?

Loonie: Caterham area