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    As I said, the action you described regarding your throttle is pretty much a "characteristic of the car", however there are a number of things to check that may help in making the operation more smoother.

    You need to narrow it down a bit, so firstly a couple of basic things to check.

    1. Check that the carpet is not obstructing the pedal in any way.
    2. Lean down and operate the throttle pedal by hand, to see if there is any obvious "friction" in the pedal area - it is possible that something might have dropped down inside the box around the base of the pedal.
    3. In the engine bay, you can operate the linkage by hand and check that nothing is "dragging". Check that the linkage is not fouling anywhere, with particular attention to around the breather pipe area.

    Other than this it could be a frayed cable, or just the fact that the cable would benefit some lubrication.

    Also make sure the ball joints (#16,45,45 in the picture) are greased.

    Make sure that the guide (#29) is clean and free of dirt / grit and that it is lightly greased.

    Check that the throttle body (#21) action is smooth and returns to it's stop.

    Finally disconnect the throttle cable at #16 at the pedal end, then by operating the pedal by hand see how free it moves. One of the most common faults is that grit / water from your right foot finds its way into the bearings (#5) thus making the operation jerky. For what its worth I would remove the pedal assembley and wash out the bearings (or replace if required) re-oil and refit.

    Checking all the above might help track down where the problem is, although you may never have it as smooth as would would like.
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