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296 GTB prices vs F8 /488


Very silly question, everyone says the 296 GTB is the car to have 820hp it sounds great etc, maybe better than SF90 but prices are well off list and not much more than 488 or F8's what is going on here please?
who says its the car to have….the dealers?

same as any other hybrid….battery.

liability of battery when out of warranty and annoying haptic controls.

shame as its a pretty car. now if that was a ice v6 as per the race car i suspect it would have taken off
ah yeah, think I’ll spend £300k
based on the opinions of a couple of youtube nobody’s who are after clicks to get money as they would be useless at anything else in life!

it is an amazing car to drive; so easy on road and amazingly quick on track but after kangarooing down the M4 with some issue on one axle, pass! plus the liability of that battery no thanks.