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  • Please take a minute to read this thread about our recent server issues and forum platform Switch

Welcome to the new and improved Club Scuderia

You no doubt have noticed things look different around here. Over the last few days, we have been dealing with an obscure connectivity issue on the server that was causing the server to run painfully slowly. I was unable to track down the exact cause and anytime I thought I had identified and resolved the issue it would either come back within a couple of hours or would introduce a host of additional issues. Now we have been considering moving to a more modern forum platform for the past year and with these issues, it was decided it made sense to kill two birds with one stone.

The platform we have chosen is Xenforor 2.2, It should be fairly familiar as Xenforo is the forum platform that is developed by the creators of vBulletin that we were previously using but there are some differences so have a look around and play with things. This was a quick and basic migration so there will be ongoing changes over the next few weeks or months but if you find anything that's missing or any bugs or just any suggestions of things which would make this place better to use please let us know on https://http//clubscuderia.co.uk/forum/index.php?forums/bugs-and-suggestions.126/

A few of you may find you can't login with your old details, this is because your old usernames were not compatible with the username naming conventions that Xenforo enforces.If this is you your new username is below

AMD_Studiosov, username changed to AMD_Studiosov
Tony Mr Charity, username changed to Tony Mr Charity
Tron T. Obrestad, FCN username changed to Tron T. Obrestad FCN
I don't think forums are as busy as they were generally but I agree this is quiet. Many years ago I was here every day.