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456GTA M Pop-up Headlights Fail


New member
Having finally worked myself up to Ferrari ownership (and loving it), I have my first real big problem with my 456 GTA M.
The pop-up headlights are not 'popping' when I turn the lights on. They stay defiantly down! All other lights seem to be working, but without headlights I can't drive the car at night unless I manually wind them up....(n)
I have checked the fuse diagram and there appears to be a fuse for each side... ...but the fuses are OK and its both sides not just one that are not working.
At a loss now as to where to investigate next. :unsure:
Is this a common fault? Has anyone had similar experiences and what is the actual fault.
All advice welcomed.
Sounds like a common point failure, probably a relay in there somewhere. Have you also asked on fchat as there will be more owners of 456 there?
As mentioned on fchat, there are actually 3 fuses and 3 relays for the pop up headlights. The third relay and fuse control the other power relays/fuses. If both lights are affected, it's more likely a problem with these. The third fuse also powers the horn, so that fuse is easy to check.

Relay "D" is the third relay. It can be interchanged with one of the headlight relays. At least one headlight pod will work if relay D was faulty.

Blair will report back if he has success.
OK - so things are getting weirder!!!
Tried the horn... ...that works, but the lights still don't pop up.
Checked fuses and changed Relay 'D' and still the lights don't pop.
Now found that the windscreen wipers don't work either now... ...what on earth is going on?
I am frankly at a loss - at the moment, I can only use the 456 in daylight on sunny days, which is not often in the UK.
Any help and advice on where and what to try next would be much appreciated.
All I can think of is a bad earth somewhere - too much of a coincidence for wipers to quit too. Do you have a workshop manual with wiring diagram in it?