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488 Tyre questions

My 488 has Pirelli tyres although the original fit according to the option plate in the car was Michelin. The rear are getting close to needing replaced but the fronts have loads of life yet. I want to go to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Would it be a total no-no to fit the rears now and wait a bit for the fronts? I don't track so just normal use........
my personal view; change them all; cheeping on tyres is like cheeping on crash helmets!

I suspect in normal driving you wont notice the difference, but they will behave differently from cold etc so when pushing on could be different behaviours. they are also very different tyres; dont think you will be disappointed swapping all four (not a pirelli fan personally and have michelins on all my cars!)

also, dont forget its not just wear, but also age.