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Anyone use helicopter transfer to Silverstone?

I guess it varies considerably depending on if youre just hopping into the track from nearby or whether you're flying from further afield. I was thinking of going from London/Surrey. The service from Redhill looks good.
When I used Heli-air Monaco once, one of the fellow passengers was a certain Mr Schumacher (who had popped back to Fiorano to do some testing on the Friday off when it was allowed) :dude:

In contrast I suspect on a Silverstone chopper, your travelling companion will be the owner of a carpet warehouse in Lancashire :)
I did last year - not sure of the cost as the whole day was paid for by a mate but it was well worth it. Oxford Airport straight into the centre of the circuit in minutes. They were also running a fleet of BMW's as taxis from the heliport to the hospitality suite. The heliport pass is very useful as it seemed to allow us anywhere except the paddock!

The choppers were provided by Capital Air Services.
How Silverstone has changed in 2023

As well as our love for cars we operate helicopters. Back in 2011 you could fly single-engine helicopters into Silverstone. Now it's twin engines only. People literally started booking after the race. No Shuttles anymore either. The average cost of a Helicopter return to Silverstone from London for up to 6 is around 10 k, when you consider that Silverstone itself charges around 2k to land the aircraft this explains the ridiculous costs. See Silverstone Helicopters for info :)