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Big thank you to Dave Walton Cars


New member
just had my annual service done by Dave, excellent service, excellent price.

He's just so much wants to do a good job for you and is reasonably priced too - the former is what you want, and the latter is surprising in the F car world!

see www.davewaltoncars.co.uk

Just can't recommend him enough. :thumbsup:
Apologies for the thread resurrection, but is Dave Walton still around, and if so does anyone have a phone number please? The website is not working.

Alternatively, are there any other specialists in the North East of England for a routine service on an F430?
I've been trying to contact Dave, without success. Could someone message me a number if you have one? I'm in Weardale and it would make sense to use him now that my cars are out of warranty.