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Euro trip to Maranello


I have owned a few Ferrari's and have always wanted to drive out to Maranello, but never done it!

At the beginning of June i have an owners factory tour booked and I want to finally drive down in my new to me Ferrari 488.

I know that lots of you will have done this trip so I thought I'd ask for some advice and recommendations (I've read a few of the post about euro trips).

1. What's the best way to Europe? Im 15 mins to Harwich port, and so can get the overnight +6hr ferry to Hook of Holland. Alternatively, I can drive drive 2 hrs to Folkestone and take the 30min train to Calais? Am I better arriving in Holland of Calais?

2. When I hit Europe the routes can be quite different. If I come in to Holland, then its Germany, Switzerland, Italy. If i come into Calais, then its France, Switzerland, Italy.
Which route is best and why? I'd like to do a couple of good passes (eg Susten?); which would you recommend?

3. Whichever route, I plan to do it in two days. Does that sound doable? Where would you stop at a rough half way point? Good hotel recommendations with good parking?
4. After three nights in Maranello (hotel already booked) im going to head up to lake Garda for a few days. Any recommendations for hotels in Garda (with good parking).

Anything else I should know?
Sounds like a great trip and one on my list.

If you want to do it in 2 days (more below) ferry/ train timings will probably determine which works best for you. We are the other end of the country and prefer a ferry to the M25. if you go calais way you can stop at reims for the obligatory pic. then cut across to do the b500.

You can do that in two days; as long as your happy with 8hrs driving a day. I know lots do that; but personally I try and limit to 5-6 hr drives. If you want to take in a few passes you will probably want a bit of time. Susten was closed last year, but Grimsel and Furka are right after each other and on your way(ish). Both great fun!

We just view booking.com around where we want to stop. So far so good!! We stayed Giessbachfall last year which might be a 1/2 way point for you and just before the main passes. if you ask nicely we found most hotels will let you park right outside.

If in swiss you will need a highway pass/ vignette. mail order for €40. if going through france an emovis tag is worth it if you dont want to queue at the tolls. take a couple of cc. a lot of gas stations have no staff and dont like some cards.

so much to see, we are back to france and switzerland for our 5 & 6 driving holiday this year!

we found driving in switzerland isnt as bad as a lot make out; just be sensible; mind the 1-2” granite curbs that are everywhere! you’ll struggle to really exceed the limits on the passes!

do take the pack of stuff required; high viz, breathalyser etc. if your car is black interior, get one of those reflective windscreen things, will make a world of difference.

enjoy and post pics.
Thank you for this, it is really helpful. The way there has to be two days due to fixed dates, but the way back can be longer. The satnav is suggesting 11.5 hrs Holland to Maranello, so I was going to do 3hrs in morning, then stop for lunch, then 3hrs in the afternoon, on each of the two days. On the way back I can take longer. I might do ferry over and then train back, so that I have two completely different routes to break things up.

With road choices; do you literally leave it to the satnav?

I didn’t know about the breathalyser; I don’t drink at all, do I still need one? Is it a mandatory thing?
I use satnav and double check with google to make sure they are “real roads” and also force it to go where i want.

if you pop on aa or rac website they have a bit on what kit etc you need to drive on the continent. easy enough to just get everything required; if a cop pulls you and they are having a bad day just one less thing for them to get you on.

for switzerland this website is interesting https://www.myswitzerland.com/en-gb/experiences/experience-tour/grand-tour-of-switzerland/
I've put this link out here a few times, but with many folk asking the same questions it's why I put this together...

Do it! It's a wonderful trip :)
Well worth the trip! Maranello itself is a bit dull once you've done the museum but if you're there multiple nights I'd recommend eating at both the Montana (at Fiorano) and the Cavallino opposite the factory. The latter was revamped a few years ago and the food is genuinely good now.

Also, if you have time, look at getting one of the minibus trips to the Ferrari museum in Modena. I think they do a little package ticket thing that gets you into both museums and includes a transfer bus. IMO it's better than the museum in Maranello.
Re: routes, my usual route to Italy is to do Calais -> Switzerland -> Gt St Bernard or St Gotthard pass -> Italy. I know others prefer the German route.

In mundane cars I'll happily do London to Switzerland in a day but when I took my 355 we split it over 2 days, stopping in Champagne the first night.

This summer I did UK to Basel day 1, early start day 2, over the St Gotthard pass then all the way down to the Adriatic coast, south of Ancona, day 2. I was in my E Class though!
Oh, my final tip! Get a motorway toll tag thing from someone like bip&go (https://www.bipandgo.com/en/). It makes life so much easier, especially if you are going the French route, and you can get a tag that covers Italy as well. No faffing at toll booths, just drive straight through and get a bill some weeks later.
I've split it over two days before in the 355, taken the Eurotunnel and stopped overnight in Strasbourg. Plenty of decent places to eat in the town centre. Stayed in an Ibis Budget on the outskirts which was fine as we were only there to sleep.

There are some great roads in the hills around Maranello - explore them.

I would suggest that you extend the trip by a few days if at all possible, and travel down into Tuscany after Maranello before you head back north.
Hi all,

Only a couple of weeks away now and I have almost everything in place (including both the recommended restaurants in Maranello). The only thing I need to do is to work out where to stop on the way home! Somewhere around either Strasbourg or Stuttgart, perhaps? Ideally something in the country (with good parking) rather than a city centre. Any hotel suggestions very welcome! Thanks