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Add V8 power to your shower !


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Add extra power to your shower

New men’s grooming range from MOTÖR with V8, Flat-Six or Turbo power

MOTÖR men’s grooming products are aimed squarely at those with motors in their lives. If you have high octane running through your veins, what better than taking premium modern toiletries into your shower with you?

Whether your life throbs to a lazy or flat plane crank V8, is soundtracked by a high revving flat six or enjoys the thrust of a turbo, these new, distinctively packaged products will kick-start your shower routine, and benefit your body throughout the day.

The large 400ml recyclable bottles not only look the part, but the products inside smell great and are premium formulations using natural ingredients and extracts, scented with exotic natural oils. The range is cruelty free, vegan, and suitable for all skin & hair types.

Each product is priced at £8.99 inc VAT and includes:

V8: Signature scents of lemongrass & bergamot. Fragranced with 7 natural essential oils and are the range includes shampoo, body wash, hand & body moisturiser, and hand soap

Flat Six: Luxurious essential oils of coriander, orange, green mandarin, and lemon delivers a refreshing experience and includes shampoo & body wash, hand & body moisturiser, and hand soap

Turbo: Based on essential oils of organic black pepper and geranium, Turbo is a rich and complex product for luxurious body care and cleansing. Shampoo & body wash, hand & body moisturiser, and hand soap are all available within the range.

Available from https://morethanpolish.com/product-category/motor-male-grooming/


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