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California Dreaming


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Well, after almost eight years of ownership our 360 Modena is off to a new home. As a few people on the forum will know I've been torn for some time between our Modena which I find utterly adorable and the practicalities (for our lifestyle) of the California. Yesterday we made the leap and took the long noisy drive from the south east to Walkersport in Shropshire followed by a much quieter drive back.

It was a bit of a gut feeling with this one. We've been casually looking at the Cali for a while although not actively seeking a change. Then Tim W threw out a picture of this car and that was all it took. I wanted it.

I'll add my thoughts and findings to this thread as we explore our new car. Whilst being far less hardcore the the 360 it's still no doubt extremely capable and makes some great noises of its own. I think it'll be a far more usable for us and now that I've gotten over the slightly goofy looks from the front (that took several years!), fingers crossed this car will make us very happy.



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Congrats Mark. :thumbsup:

As I said to you before, be really interested to hear how you get on with the Cali. The Cali seems to tick so many boxes and personally, although I don't love the looks from some angles I'd say I quite like them and they've certainly grown on me.
I agree about the styling from some angles although they always look better in the flesh. I've never really liked that step in the panel work of the rear quarter but when you take the car as a whole, it kind of works. It'll never be Modena pretty but it doesn't have to be, it'll offer fantastic alternative qualities instead. I used to much prefer the Cali T as I thought it addressed some of the areas that I wasn't keen on, but eyeing them up over the last year I've discovered (quite surprisingly) that I actually prefer the original earlier cars.

For now I'm just figuring out how it all works. I'm not used to having TFT screens, modes and stuff. I'm very pleased with the spec though as the original owner ticked all the right boxes. Their many thousands spent = many smiles for me :grin:
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Looks great, red and cream living the dream, you just need a top sunny English summer!
What are the specs? Looking forward to seeing the interior photos :thumbsup:
I’ve just got an MX-5 for my wife but I’m hoping one of these will be the next car :grin:
There is a chap on you tube (fourwheel trader) that has done a couple of vids on the depreciation on these from the US market and it looks like the early cars have stabilised considerably, so a great time to buy.

Looking forward to reading your updates :thumbsup:

Cheers, Giles
What are the specs?
I'll add more info and our findings a little later as we begin to use it.

I wanted a red one so that following our Modena it still shouted FERRARI!! (more to me than to others if I'm honest). So Rosso Crema it was although a Nero interior would've been fine too.

The spec is quite nice. It's a 2010 car with 29k miles, main dealer history and a very tidy condition throughout. It has the shields, Daytona trim, full (and I mean full) electric seats, carbon/LED steering wheel, the Magnaride suspension option and 20" 'sport' wheels. I haven't found a UK price list for the options yet but I have a US one and they would've added almost $30k over there. I won't add our purchase price here but by all means ask via PM if interested. I expect 4 new pm's, you know who you are :wink3: :)

I think these early cars have hit a price point where they make a lot of sense and the jump from the 360 to this wasn't too painful. One downside is the road tax, being a new(ish) car it's £600pa but I guess that's the case with anything powerful from the last ten to fifteen years or so. Our 360 was the cheapest of our little fleet!
Looks nice, congrats. Everyone I know who has had a Cali has loved it, even compared to 458s that they've also owned etc.

Get your avatar changed :wink3:
I really considered a California but ultimately i don't like open tops, which stopped me from actually going down that route. I was soo close.
I prefer to be enclosed in and hidden especially in a Ferrari.
I really considered a California but ultimately i don't like open tops, which stopped me from actually going down that route. I was soo close.
I prefer to be enclosed in and hidden especially in a Ferrari.

Each to their own, Andy, but I think trying to hide in a Ferrari is perhaps a slightly pointless endeavour - you're never going to achieve it. :)