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F430 key remote only works when cover is off


New member
I have a weird problem. The car is not responding to the remote. I removed the cover and verified that battery voltage is excellent. I also found that when the key fob cover is off, the remote works. As soon as I put the cover back on the remote stops working.

I think the cover is messing with the position or contact of the batteries. I tried a few different battery positions, but to no avail. Anyone know what the problem is? Thanks a bunch.
Do you mean there is no response at all... no chirps, flashing lights or unlocking/locking? Or is the car just not de-immobilising?

I had an old fob for my F355 which required the stuffiing of a folded piece of paper on one side of the battery to get the battery to sit in the right spot.

Or is the transmitter signal weak? Have you held it closer to the Immobiliser Antenna in the steering column or the Alarm Antenna in, I think, the footwell? Which footwell, I'm not sure of on a RH drive car.